Best Horror Novel - IndieReader Discovery Awards 2019

Three Days in Ashford

There is something happening in Ashford. Something that cannot be explained using any theory available to the human race. When an eclectic group of famed paranormal researchers are enlisted to unravel the mysteries that plague the remote town, they find the truth to be far more brutal than anything they could have imagined.


“…buy this book and read it, and you will have a found a formidable universe to keep on your nightstand.”
- Oldstyle Tales Press

“An imaginative tale that delves into an ungodly realm, [this book] will thrill and fascinate readers that enjoy supernatural narratives shrouded with mystery.”
- IndieReader

“Petrifying, sensorial, addictive. Just picture me cooking with one hand and holding the ebook with the other because I just can’t leave it.”
- The Bold Mom