Published October 2018

ISBN: 9780692190784

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“Melonhead”  Fan art from Mar Garcia of


Fan art from Mar Garcia of

Three Days in Ashford

Daniel Hallowell, by all standards, is a tough cookie. Despite growing up in a different foster home every few years and several run-ins with the authorities, he pulled himself up and put himself through college. 

A few years later, he became a household name as the most wildly successful paranormal investigator that the world had ever known. His success came complete with his own television show and a lucrative contract from the network that owned its rights. With his tight-knit crew in tow, the show would take him around the world to explore and document the most haunted locations the world had to offer. 

A chance encounter one evening with a stranger in a hotel bar piques Daniel's interest. He reluctantly agrees to investigate Ashford—a long abandoned town cut somewhere deep into the Ohio countryside. Having become intrigued by a strangers desperate and terrifying synopsis into a decades-long series of unexplainable events that had taken place there, Daniel and his eclectic crew of paranormal investigators clear their schedule and embark on a trip that they would come to regret for the rest of their lives. 

As they struggle to unravel the terrifying truth that lies at the heart of the disturbances that plague Ashford, they find that they are being hunted from within the deep, foreboding forests that surround them on every side.

As Daniel slides deeper down the rabbit-hole and watches helplessly as his mind and sanity are slowly ripped away, he and his crew must embark on a journey across Ashford, across timelines and within the deep recesses of their own souls to uncover answers they otherwise would have never cared to know. Answers that will only serve to question the very psychological, physical, theological and philosophical meaning of our existence as a species.

However difficult to stomach, the only way to save themselves from the unimaginably savage force that threatens, not only their lives, but the very existence of humanity, is to decipher the riddle that haunts Ashford. The town that Satan calls home.


Industry ACCOLADES and reviews

An intriguing read especially for readers who are passionate about paranormal investigations.
— Readers Favorite
Philosophical but suspenseful, intellectual but engaging, Tracey crafts a new mythos worthy of Lovecraft in a style worthy of King, and if you like horror that makes you think, this book belongs on your shelf.
— Oldstyle Tales Press
Petrifying, sensorial, addictive. Just picture me cooking with one hand and holding the ebook with the other because I just can’t leave it.
— The Bold Mom
An imaginative tale that delves into an ungodly realm, THREE DAYS IN ASHFORD will thrill and fascinate readers that enjoy supernatural narratives shrouded with mystery.
— IndieReader

Three Days in Ashford
By Ty Tracey